Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jotting It Down

Part of me wishes I carried a digital camera around with me for all the times during the course of the day when I come across something that I have to remember. But then the other part of me remembers that I would instantly break it in my bottomless pit of a bag. So what's the next best thing? I always always always have a small notebook with me to jot things down, coming up with scribbles and notes on a near hourly basis. So when you whip the notebook out, it helps if it looks particularly cool, and if Marc Jacobs designed it, well then it's just as chic as your handbag. My awful mini spirals don't quite work, but this Marc Jacobs meets Moleskin collaboration is great. Fashion editors sit front row at fashion shows writing notes in their leather-bound journals and this one looks so nice that I just may actually treat it kindly and keep it for a while. After all, there'll never be a time when I'll be without my notebook since you never know what you may see.

(photo: Courtesy of New York Magazine)

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