Thursday, September 23, 2010

Playing Dress Up

So I have some dresses narrowly crammed into my closet that haven't been getting much attention. I have become a bit more shy in my old age and think that they show too much skin.  I'd probably only wear them half covered by a blazer or cardigan and I never even get that far. So seeing this interview and inventive styling with Katie Holmes gave me some ideas. Pairing even a fancy pants cocktail dress with a plain, contrasting t-shirt or tank can turn something you never thought you could wear into everyday apparel. I'm not going to wear a dress like this to work, but for a night out, one of those black dresses that's been collecting dust may just see the light of day. A black strapless dress with a cute, contrasting striped tank could look great, or an army, fitted tee with an old dusty pink number that I haven't worn in years. Looks like a second life could be near. (Disclaimer: As much as I rally against celebrity fashion, sometimes--just sometimes---(and with the help of an awesome stylist), you just might get an idea or two.)

(photo: courtesy of Marie Claire)

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