Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Color Me Camel

So word on the street is that camel is the new black. That's right, everyone wants some great camel coat for fall. But what's a girl to do when she lives in L.A. and doesn't really want one of those knee-length numbers to cramp her style in sunny SoCal? I have to readjust what I see to fit my needs and my style. So instead of finding a heavy duty version that's a little too New York ladies who lunch, I am on the hunt for something short, more spirited, and with a bit of a preppy playfulness. Enter this great toggle coat from Urban Outfitters. The price is absolutely right and it's got some great details on it that let it stand apart from the crowd. I can wear it through fall, and pair it with some great plaids, scarves, and knits for when the temps get even cooler in winter. It's the perfect way for me to interpret the camel trend. It's just important to identify what you need and want first to find what suits you and your style best.

(photo: courtesy of Urban Outfitters)

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