Sunday, September 12, 2010

Buy of the Day

I still regret not getting those Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent wedges that were on sale at Target last summer. They really were that great. This fall's can't-miss piece, the Tucker for Target collection that just went on sale. And this go around I am definitely not going to miss out. I've been loyal to Tucker's flowy camisoles for some time, and paid full price for the real thing back at Intermix months back. Now nearly identical versions are available at Target, and the best news is that they come in fun new prints and colors--SCORE! I can't decide between getting a new camisole or a tie-waist dress, but the easy fits are exactly what I am craving for fall. Paired with my skinny jeans and a blazer, they'll look nothing short of perfect...and look exactly like their full-priced relatives. Now that's what the democratization of fashion is all about! 

(photo: courtesy of Target)

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