Monday, September 20, 2010

It's a Tie

Walking through J. Crew over the weekend, I stopped to look at what all the mannequins are wearing. They've become pretty great at expert styling and I love seeing what they've layered together (it's always unexpected). I saw one mannequin out of the corner of my eye, with a denim chambray shirt all buttoned up, tucked into a tweed skirt, with a belt double looped around the waist. But that wasn't that interesting. They had paired it with a bowtie. Now back when I was younger (and I'd like to think too young to know the difference), I let my mom convince me to wear a men's tuxedo to a family friend's bar mitzvah. It was black just like everyone else's, but mine had a hot pink bowtie and cumberbund. I still look back in horror, but think that although it was poorly executed at age 10, a bowtie on a woman may not be half bad. I think if I had to do it now, I'd would mix the masculine bowtie with more feminine pieces just for effect. I'm not exactly lining up to try it out (still pretty scarred from the first bowtie experience), but it's fun to see how awesome it looks when it's done right.

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