Monday, September 20, 2010

Nordic Track

In my endless quest to find more and more cool places to find inspiring style, I figured I might as well look overseas. I can spend hours at the newstand pouring over the pages of international editions of my favorite magazines because the content is always intriguingly different. It opens your eyes to cool new styles and designers and trends you might not have ever seen. What's even cooler is you can then be the first ones to translate the trend to your city, group of friends, or what have you. With street style blogs all the rage, this one from Stockholm always turns up on my radar because of how awesome the subjects are. You can find pics from abroad practically anywhere these days and look at cool new color combinations or unusual textures or just style you have never seen before. All it takes is one quick glimpse to be inspired. A personal fave below. Check it out....

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

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