Monday, September 27, 2010

Orange You Glad to See Me?

Whoever said Orange is the new Pink is seriously deluded. Who said it? That's right, the one and only Elle Woods. So did this fashionista in fact have it all wrong? As I go through runway shot after runway shot, I realize that the color may be making a comeback. Important to understand when considering adding the shade into your look. One orange does not work for everyone (consider the faux-tanned). My albino-pale skin would have to wear a much darker orange than a tan friend of mine who would look great in a peachier hue. So what gives? I am guessing that since Camel is the new Black, it only makes sense that Orange become the new Pink. Rich, deep shades of orange work so well with camel and can be worn through any season. Deep hues in the fall and fun pastels during the spring. When summer comes around? An awesome neon orange would be fun. Bottom line: this may just be a challenge worth taking. Plus, finding the shade that is perfect for you enables you to interpret the trend in a way that's still original--and unique to your style.

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