Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interest in the Icons

So I was reading my horoscope the other day (it's part of my morning routine somewhere in between CNN and Shopbop) and it appropriately told me something that I've already been thinking. It said "Getting informed is easy once you decide it's important. It will be a vital part of making a good impression." They had to be talking about my style, right? Well, that's what I think. The informing their talking about is reading (and Internet surfing) up on some of those cool classic women that we all try and emulate and who serve as style icons for us on those days when we can't quite seem to put it together. The lady I'm after? Margherita Missoni. As the brand ambassador to her family's Italian knitwear label she is every bit boho cool that I wish I could be, and layers her line's zigzag prints in a way that would make me downright dizzy but that looks nothing short of perfect. I'm going to read up on her and see how her great style can be a learning tool and jumping off point for mine. Then I'll really make a good impression. Who is your icon? 
(photo: courtesy of Pearls Vintage)

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