Monday, September 27, 2010

Black + Brown...Really?

I used to think that brown and black didn't go together. Not sure who told me this, but I stuck to it pretty strictly. I even went so far as buying a belt that had intercheangable straps so that I always had the appropriately colored belt standing by. Looking at this street style photo and again I realize I definitely had it all wrong. Looking at this great subject who's wearing a great black blazer (check!) with some brown and camel accents makes me realize that pairing black with brown may just be the only way I want to wear it. It softens it up a bit and let's me showcase something that's unexpected. Not that I'd ever consider my style unexpected, but it certainly lets me wear more of my closet together than I thought, and look pretty chic doing it. Love, love, love getting inspiration and ideas from these street style photos! 

(photo: courtesy of Hanneli)

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