Monday, September 6, 2010

Fashion Night Out News

For all my friends and readers in New York (jealz!), thought I'd give you a great idea of what to do this coming Friday night to celebrate Fashion's Night Out! If I were in the big city, there'd be a few places you'd find me. I would probably swing by Opening Ceremony to check out their collection of toile Keds, pick up some beautiful Sydney Evans necklaces at Barneys, or get a great canvas FEED bag at Gap (who couldn't use another tote?). Or maybe I'll stay uptown and stop by the Calvin Klein store on Madison to hear Bryan Adams (one of my fave crooners) belt out an acoustic set. So while I'm holding down the fort in L.A., stop by these stores and more for some limited-edition finds and more that are available Friday, September 10 only!

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