Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can we hang out?

I am pretty sure if I saw this gal in the street, that's what I'd that weird? She's just got such a cool look that it's hard not to want to be her new BFF. First let's start with the obvious. She's wearing a sweatshirt. Sensing a trend here? But her sweatshirt has got some pretty cool embellishments on it that's like a souped-up version of bedazzling. All of a sudden it makes my bum-around-the-apartment essential a little more appropriate for the outside world. Her skirt is anything but ordinary too, with an uneven hemline that is unusual and just original enough for me to want it immediately. The shoes? They're awesome. Large, clunky, and the type that every girl loves and every guy thinks is ugly. (For some reason I always end up liking those best.) So, thinking we should hang out. Next week at Le Pain? Sounds great! See you then...

(photo: courtesy of Mr. Newton)

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