Sunday, February 6, 2011

Style Scrapbooking

I'll admit it....I make fun of my friend who scrapbooks pretty much all the time. But then it was pointed out to me that blogging is essentially like scrapbooking and I got caught with my foot in my mouth. But, I think it's more design than decoupage and I am going to stick by that. This particular blog, appropriately titled Style Scrapbook puts together her outfits and clothes into one neat little forum which takes those many pages and stickers and glue stick out of the scrapbooking equation. Plus, she's uber-stylish and really pretty so I'm always looking at her in envy. Just like saving my favorite images to my desktop, Fits of Fashion has become a collection of all those ideas and images I have to keep....

(photo: courtesy of Style Scrapbook)

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