Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inspired by: The Series

There's always that girl whose style you want. They can make anything work and actually make dressing up look like fun. Sometimes (well, most of the time), I wish I were that girl. That girl, is Lauren Shane. As stylist ElShane, she honed her craft at DVF (what could be more MAJOR?) and is now launching out on her own, with her eccentric style and love of anything big and beautiful in her back pocket. Read on as she shares what has shaped her look, how she chooses what to wear each morning, and her tips for nabbing that unforgettable individual style.

(photo: courtesy of El Shane)

Q) Official title?
A) Diane Von Furstenberg Stylist turned Style Blogger and Style Expert

Q) How did you start styling?
A) I worked in Public Relations at Diane von Furstenberg for years, and then I was presented with an incredible opportunity to start a brand new position at DVF where my focus was styling not only our VIP clientele, but also our day-to-day avid DVF fan. From my experience at DVF, I gained the confidence to expand my styling business outside of the office.

Q) When styling, what is your signature aesthetic?
A) Your look should tell the story of your present moment. Happiness, sadness, indulgence, assurance, love. I try to convey a mood in my looks while always pushing my clients to add a little “elshane bling”. Shouldn’t we all dress to have fun, after all? Love that her name has turned into a style state of mind!

Q) How do you try and differentiate yourself and your work from the other big name stylists?
A) Having been trained by an incredible fashion power and corporate empire from such a young age, I have garnered the techniques of editorial styling, web styling, advertisement styling, and celebrity styling. I think it’s important to understand the difference between each in order to successfully capture the intention of the moment.

Q) How would you describe your own sense of style?
A) Best described as stepping into Dylan’s Candy Bar, filling up your clear plastic baggie with everything sour, sweet, chocolate-covered, candy-coated, and caramel-drizzled. Then dumping the bag out on the floor and seeing where everything lands. That’s my look. Strategic chaos....

Q) What shapes the way you dress?
A) I dream very vividly, deeply, and intensely, causing me to wake multiple times in the middle of each night. When I finally wake in the morning, I reinterpret my dream and find beauty in all that had just frightened me. Then I get dressed. The first thing I put on is always what I step out in. I always believe your first instinct is the right choice. Confession: I have the habit of changing multiple times before I leave my apt!

Q) Best fashion advice ever received?
A) My mother told me in college that money will always come back to you. I have taken that advice and used it towards any agonizing vintage purchase I’ve ever made. And I haven’t looked back once. And the money has always come back. Never heard it but I like the sound of it!

Q) Best purchase ever made?
A) I have a clear vinyl and patent vintage Chanel jumbo handbag, an early 1980’s runway piece. I found it at a vintage show and stressed for 45 minutes over the price. Now she is priceless. And the money came back to me!

Q) Favorite designers and/or places to shop?
A) I prefer to shop vintage because I think the thrill of a unique piece far outweighs the excitement of purchasing a designer dress that can be found at any given department store. In New York, I make weekly trips to Ina and Tokio 7, and in Los Angeles, I very well may be found at Wasteland on Melrose daily. It’s a vintage addiction. I think I need help! And, if I’m not shopping vintage, I’m at Opening Ceremony swooning over anything Suno.

Q) Advice for young women trying to develop their own unique sense of style?
A) Trends scare me. Three girls walking into a bar in the Friday night uniform is never a good look. My advice is to dress around your daily energy—if you’re in a happy-go-lucky mood and you left your shades at home, you forgot to bring your A-game. Be prepared and let the goodness of your intentions mold your style. Stay you…nique.


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