Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pseudo Girl Crush

Ok just because I have a pseudo girl crush on this editor is not the real reason I am showing you this pic. It's actually because it makes me think of my grade school uniform, which whether I like it or not, sometimes still influences the way I dress. The way the button-down collar peeks out from underneath a crewneck sweater brings me back to my days of plaid skirts, button-downs, and itchy navy wool sweaters. Sometimes I can't believe I actually wore them but when I look at the way this editor does the button down underneath a sweater, I realize it actually adds a smart layer to things. On one had I maybe would consider a longer necklace or some layered ones with the sweater but I think the button down (all buttoned-up) is a fresh choice that is preppy chic all at once.

(photo: courtesy of Who What Wear blog)

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