Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Down South: Sao Paolo Fashion Week

I have a good friend from Brazil who always goes home and brings back the wildest clothes. The prints are brighter, the skirts are shorter, and she always seems to come back with a new, amazing pair of embellished sandals. So I figured looking at pics of Sao Paolo Fashion Week would be a lot of the same. But it's not all crazy colors and designs that are unwearable here in the states. I wanted to find a piece of those fashions that I could translate into my more muted life in the US. Instead of wearing their prints head to toe, I'd try them out one at a time--covered by my trusty jean jacket of course. That bright red worn all over? I'd maybe try the lipstick out first, kind of more my speed, and then see if I want a cherry red shirt, too. See where I'm going here?

(photos: courtesy of wmagazine.com)

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