Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to Wear Overalls

A few weeks back I remember a friend asking me, "are overalls really in?" Of course when we think of overalls we prob all think of those heinous Gap Kids ones we used to wear that were awkwardly tight in all the wrong places. But taking a look at my uber stylish friend Marina (who never fails to inspire), I realize they can be done right, you just have to know how! So here's where I come in (and really I'm just stealing these style secrets from her). Instead of denim, you've got to opt for a more fluid material...think trousers. On hers there is no tightening anywhere, just a really clean shape that falls perfectly on her body. They're a bit dressed up and I think they work really well because they're in a deep dark shade that makes them so much more versatile. It may be a trend, but it seems to be one that can be pulled off if you know how to do it, and have a little inspiration to try.

(photo: courtesy of New York Magazine)

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