Monday, February 14, 2011

Solving the Skinny Jean Problem

You know the problem as well as I do. You've got the perfect pair of skinny jeans. They fit perfectly but they're just a tad too long. Plus you're too lazy to take them to the tailor. Yes, you could cuff them, but you can't quite do it as well as all of those photos do, and it always ends up looking a bit awkward. Another awesome alternative presented itself right before my eyes--and just in time for Spring! You can cut them to that cute right-above-the-ankle length which is just perfect to show off your favorite shoes. Cut them in stages so you don't go too far too fast, but I think the end result will be something that'll look nice for spring/ it'll never get that awkward rolled up discoloring. Try it out and showcase those new favorite shoes of yours.

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