Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How Sweet It Is

Talking to a friend the other day and she couldn't get over how many friends of mine own their own stores. At first I thought she was nuts, but thinking about it, there are more than a few. The good news is that instead of feeling obligated to peruse, they're all places I actually dig. My friend Andrea's candy store A.sweet. is like a souped up version of Dylan's Candy Bar. Naturally I'd go for the Kookaburra licorice and chocolate covered graham crackers alone, but her on-point mix of clothing and merch in the front of the store always catches my eye (JET denim, Parker dresses, etc.). Not only that, but the jewelry rocks too (I wear the Frieda & Nellie friendship bracelet I got there on the reg). Now Andrea's gone all 2.0 and gone online, meaning I can pre-order gift baskets, order my fave candies in bulk, and treat my friends back east to something special. Makes her kind of a fun friend to have.

(photos: courtesy of A.sweet.)

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