Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FIRST LOOK: Derek Lam to Ebay

Derek Lam is one of those designers that you always read about, but sadly he never quite makes it onto my clothing rack (he's on the 2nd floor at Barneys, not in my beloved Co-op). But he's gone the way of H&M and Target and teamed up with Ebay to do a capsule collection. And judging by their new hire of Andrea Linett (formerly of Lucky Mag), I am guessing Ebay is up to something major. Just take a look at this dress! It's casual enough for a beach stroll but could also def make a cameo at an outdoor wedding. The prices promise to be way affordable and we'll get access to his amazing designs in a new, cool way. Expect some more cool designer collabs and collections coming from Ebay soon!

(photo: courtesy of Elle)

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