Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kelly Wearstler does Clothes

Today the blogs were in a frenzy because designer darling Kelly Wearstler just announced that she's now doing a line of clothing. If you don't know her she's been on a few Bravo shows and is known for her modern meets eclectic taste that I happen to love. It got me thinking of some of her favorite work (she does the strategically cluttered Viceroy hotels) and I went and browsed her wares in Bergdorfs online shop (her actual boutique in the store is heaven (an expensive heaven, but heaven nonetheless). I rediscovered this beautiful agate display case that any dresser would be naked without and love the idea of a simple backdrop (maybe a nude shift dress) with a big, bad, beautiful stone set against it (maybe in a cuff or big pendant necklace). So interesting the way ideas can take shape...

(photo: Courtesy of Town and Country Travel)

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