Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We're all still waiting while Ebay gets a makeover from their new fashion director, but in the meantime, wandering eyes have been checking out Etsy (craft heaven) and now Of a Kind. It's actually a really sweet version of Etsy that brings not so scary artisans right to you wtih compelling stories and really unique designs. Everything from handmade swimsuits to finely crafted jewelry to emerging designers you have to get your hands on are all in one place. It's a perfect solution for me since I get hives when I go to an ovecrowded flea market, so this way I can still uncover really cool new designers in the privacy of my own home. Dreamy! Check it out for designs you know no one else will have and maybe you'll stumble upon someone who's gonna be big!

 (photo: courtesy of Of A Kind)

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