Thursday, January 6, 2011

Street Style Inspiration: Working Girl

I look at this girl, all dressed up, and realize that I kind of wouldn't mind having to get this dressed up for work every day--especially if I looked like this. Back when I was living the Working Girl dream in NYC, I wore the same black theory pants that everyone else had with pointy toe pumps and that ugly button down that I just had to have. But there are SO many other ways to reinterpret the work "uniform" if you just give it a little thought, and intersperse some of your own unique style into every outfit. I love the contrast of the black knit dress paired against the shrunken navy blazer (which I already own, score!). The black opaque tights are a must and the open-toe shoes are an unexpected surprise--but doable--for winter. Love the way she paired it all together to make an inspired worktime outfit seem anything but mundane.

(photo: courtesy of Elle)

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