Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SPOTTED: Matchbook Mag

These days it's all about the online magazine. I've had Lonny Magazine bookmarked for a while to satisfy my Domino withdrawal (3 years and counting!). But seeing as I have kind of maxed out my teeny apartment on design lately, I've been wanting something that had a bit more content. Enter Matchbook Magazine (as if on cue). They've got an incredible mix of design, fashion, style, lifestyle, and everything else you could want in a compact little package. The old soul in me wishes I could print this bad boy out, bind it, and stick it on my coffee table, but I'll take reading about cute shoe line Marais and cute Brooklyn apartments online any day of the week. It's already been bookmarked. Just hoping their second issue matches up to their inaugural one, because this one rocks!

(photo: courtesy of Matchbook Magazine)

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