Sunday, January 2, 2011

Going Double Breasted

For some reason I've gotten into the habit of collecting lookbooks. Either I get them from designers that I interview or when I'm in a designer's store, I ask if they have one that I can keep. It always gives me ideas when I see how uniquely they style the clothes. Re-organizing my bookshelf the other day (it's all about pairing like colors together, apparently) and I flipped through an old Theory lookbook I had been holding on to. And then I remembered why. It was last fall when they asked some uber-cool stylists to work their magic on the line. I was particularly wild for the double breasted blazer. I thought of the cut as so old school, with a little bit of Working Girl thrown in for good measure. But taking the wider silhouette and belting it up tight looks so fresh and new. It may just be time to reconsider the single button we've all become used to and challenge ourselves to try something new.

(photos: courtesy of Theory)

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