Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Line to Watch: Markus Lupfer

I may be totally late to the game, but I consider myself lucky that I just discovered designer Markus Lupfer. His designs are totally quirky in that "you won't find this in the US" kind of way (he's German, after all) and apparently fashionistas have been relying on him for a while for staples and embellishments that knock it out of the park. I love the beaded and sequined detail that I'd challenge myself to wear during the day. I think it's trendy wtihout being too in your face, and I sure as hell don't know a lot of people who wear designs like this. Clearly everyone is wearing sequins these days (me, included), so why not differentiate yourself by doing a beaded fringe or something new that J. Crew hasn't gotten their hands on yet?

(photos: courtesy of Opening Ceremony)

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