Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brights and Stripes

Stripes have been pretty major for a while. If my closet is any indication, I prefer the nautical, navy and white variety. I think they go with just about anything. But, color me wrong because apparently colorful (they call them bubblegum) stripes are huge for Spring. But I understand if you have a hard time with color (like me) and are a tad nervous. I think some tips and hints may just be in store for those of you looking to go bold but need some guidance---I'm here to hold your hand, I promise. I think if you're wearing stripes, you've got to contrast with whatever else you're wearing. You could go for basic colors like black or even denim and chambray (layer a denim top over stripes for an unfussy look), or if you're really up for a challenge mix the stripes with another pattern, something floral or even toil would work. I think the stripes can speak for themselves but there are also ways to make them your own by incorporating other elements into them. Top them off with a basic leather jacket or pair them with floral print canvas pumps. Test out your style with whatever suits your tastes.

(photo: courtesy of Style.com)

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