Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inspired by: The Series

Ever since posting my interview with rockstar Annie Ladino last week, it's been brought to my attention how many cool up-and-comers there are in the world of fashion. Not to say they're not already established in their field, but they're still not necessarily household names....yet--and not if I have anything to do with it. So in my attempt to scour the globe for the next generation of fashion faces, allow me to introduce you to Lyz Olko, designer extraordinaire of Obesity and Speed. The line, equal parts downtown cool and enviably edgy, is what we all strive for, and I guarantee incorporating a piece or two into your wardrobe will do the job. Read on to see what inspires her, where she shops for vintage, and what advice she gives for mastering fashion!

(photo: courtesy of Lyz Olko)

Q) Title and/or job?
Co-Founder/Designer of Obesity and Speed with my partner Josh Conner

Q) When did you start the line?
A) My partner Josh and I founded the line around 2003…..

Q) What was the inspiration for the line?
A) The line began accidentally and grew organically.  The main inspiration when we started, was the music that we love and the desire to create something unique that we cared about. At the time too, it was very much about forming a partnership as our friendship had really just began to bloom…

Q) How would you describe your own sense of style?
A) Grungy. 

Q) How does your own personal style affect what you design?
A) My personal style doesn’t affect what I design too much, unless it’s a simple change, like “this would be better longer”, or “that’s way too tight”.  The label is already a huge reflection of who Josh and I are, so I guess that is the influence….

Q) What are your everyday inspirations?
A) Each other probably. We are very similar. We can’t bear to be apart. What one lacks , the other has.  We work on everything together. (I am sure there's someone in your life like this!) 

Q) Who are your style icons?
 A) The sleeze sisters.

Q) Favorite designers/labels/places to shop?
A) I love Screaming Mimi’s because they have a great selection of vintage and the coolest girls that work there who really love and know what they are talking about, What Goes Around Comes around (my boyfriend got me a sick vintage leather jacket for my birthday there) they have a great selection of old tees and an awesome staff as well.  I also like this store Court in Nolita, they have their own rad denim line and carry Obesity and Speed and my fave jewelry Pamela Love (look her up, she's MAJOR!). I really like just shopping at Salvation Armies mostly …

Q) What kind of girl do you design for?
A) A girl who doesn’t care what other people thinks, she wears what she wants whenever the occasion…..whether quote unquote appropriate or not. (We can all strive for this!) 

Q) Any advice/tips for a young woman trying to develop their own sense of style?
A) You already have it!!! (In other words, trust your gut!)

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