Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back to the (Text)books

So everyday when I read my fave blogs and industry news sites, I always read about one more blog or site that I really should have already known about that's on the verge of something big. Today's find: Textbook. It's an uber-stylized blog that takes some of our fave literary characters and styles them in some sick editorials. He (yes, he!!!!!) pieces together outfits straight off the runway (sigh) and pulls together these amazingly inspiring virtual lookbooks. The collage below? Inspired by Sleeping Beauty. Go figure. I love an inventive idea and this idea has my head spinning (in only a good way). Take a look and rediscover some of your favorite heroines. Sometimes re-reading those favorite books is a great place to look for a little style guidance and imaginative inspiration!

(photo: courtesy of Textbook)

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