Monday, January 3, 2011

Inspired by: The Series

I've been very lucky. Not only do I get to work with some very stylish ladies, but through some fiercely fashionable friends, I've been introduced to even more. Sarah Rosen made it onto my radar for her enviable outfits and striking poise. It was only later that I realized she was Topshop's publicist. Pretty major. Embodying the brand's downtown cool vibe, Sarah's style is anything but simple and I am every bit jealous. The best part? She seems to do it all with total ease. Read on to see how Sarah shops Topshop's racks, sets her style apart, and zeroes in on what clothes she has to have. Endlessly inspiring!

(photo: courtesy of Sarah Rosen)
Q) Your title at Topshop?
Topshop Publicist

Q) Your favorite designers/brands?
A) I love Topshop, Chanel, Erdem, Proenza Schouler, Burberry, Suno.  Great prints, strong colors and fabrics are important to me.  Accessories are as well! They can instantly change the look of an outfit. I love Dannijo, Venessa Arizaga, and Pamela Love. (A lot of these are up-and-comers. Google them to find out more and learn about their designs!)

Q) Your favorite purchase ever made?
A) My Chanel patent and pony lace-up oxfords. They look sharp, are very comfortable and go with almost everything! (Le sigh!)

Q) Your favorite trend of the season?
A) Long skirts, for day and night. In flowy printed chiffons, solid knife pleating, asymmetrical hemlines, structured fitted wool silhouettes and even sheers over heavy tights.  They can be romantic, sexy, lady-like and are easy to wear! Topshop has an amazing variety, so I was in luck!

Q) How do you mix high and low? Incorporate your favorite Topshop finds with other designers?
A) As long as you buy pieces that look good in terms of quality, design and/or fabrication, people can rarely tell if what you are wearing is designer or not. You can mix high and low pieces quite easily, as long as they look good together, wear them together. (If you're not sure, line a bunch of pieces out together so you can see them all at once. Trust your eye!) 

Q) Tips for getting great style on a budget?
A) Of course I love TOPSHOP for statement pieces at great prices.  However, I also frequent vintage and consignment stores which often have unbelievable pieces, in excellent condition.
Q) How do you know what to buy each season?
A) I don’t pre-plan my seasonal purchases, definitely no premeditated strategy! (I told you she made it look easy!) If you know yourself, the process is much more organic and fun.  If I see something I like that I know I would incorporate into my wardrobe immediately, and I’m quite likely to do so in future  seasons, then I determine it to be a good investment and I buy it.  Usually, that’s how I end up making the right choices.  Pieces that are too specific/trend driven often have too short of a shelf life for me.
Q) How do you sort through the racks at a store like Topshop and zero in on what you want/need?
A) Sorting through rails of clothing and shoes at any store can be overwhelming, particularly if you aren’t certain about what you want/need. If you are in a large store such as Topshop, the first step is to get a sense of the store, map out a direction to take around the shop floor. Step two, as you peruse the rails, take a look at whatever catches your eye and ask yourself a few questions. For example: “Do I really like this? Do I already have something just like this? Do I often look for something like this when I’m getting dressed?” Answers to these questions can provide helpful guidance! If you see something, you’re drawn to it, and you know it will make a difference in your wardrobe, then get it. (Seriously, these questions are invaluable. Start asking them!)
Q) How would you describe your sense of style?
A) I dress based on my mood, I feel differently each day and I’m inspired by many brands, designers, eras and creative people in my life. I see style as a form of creative expression that is constantly evolving.  I’m not certain how to describe my sense of style, although I know what I like.  I love clothing/accessories that make a statement, tell a story, that have interesting texture and good quality. I like to mix clothing, shoes and jewelry that are categorized in different trends, pairing new with vintage and a little bit of Topshop with every outfit. (Blending trends and mixing textures makes for totally unique style every time.)
Q) How do you set your style apart from everyone else in NYC?
A) I’m not sure my style is set apart from everyone else in NYC. I suppose I’d like to think so, now that you mention it! Individuality is always a good thing and I think as long as you are expressing only yourself when you are getting dressed each morning, then your style can only your own, no matter what. 

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  1. Great interview! I love Topshop and its exciting to get an inside look.