Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Skirt Ideas for Spring

Seems like everywhere I am looking these days, people are trying to get a head start on spring. What this means is I am seeing a lot of print skirts (even if that means worn with dark tights and boots. I'm not talking colorful florals, though you know I love those too. These are super simple clean a-line skirts with a lighter background and uniform print that goes throughout the entire skirt. I like the look of these with something as basic as a white t-shirt and a pair of penny loafers. Converse could make them more "you" or if you really want to get all fancy pants you could wear them with some chunky heels for a night out. What do you think? A trend worth trying?

(photo: courtesy of The Coveted)

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  1. When wearing short skirts, combining them with matching stockings in semi-opaque styles gives you a more professional look; sheer skin-colored and patterned hose draw undue attention to the legs.