Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Non-Repellent Fashion

This here blogger, the Man Repeller as she's known now, is pretty much my fave person alive of late. I am obsessed with her aesthetic and her "I don't care" attitude, which I wish I had but I don't. Perusing her blog I actually don't think there's anything that's all that repellent in this look. Pieced apart, I think the top and skirt could each wind up separately in some bad spring break scenario, but pieced together with a "sensible" pair of red patent flats, it gets dressed up and not that trashy looking. I would actually wear this (covered up with a shrunken boy's blazer, of course) and call it a day. I actually think it works for work and a night out. I think once you get into heels you verge on going all trashy so I think the flats are a perfect solution. Love this toned down version of something that seems to be screaming spring--and summer!

(photo: courtesy of The Man Repeller)

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