Thursday, March 17, 2011

What to Wear: Bridal/Baby Shower

So I have a few bridal and baby showers coming up and I've been scouring my online faves looking for the perfect thing to wear. Of course I'm looking for a dress, but after stumbling upon this pic on Twitter (yes, Twitter) I realized maybe I should go for a sweater + maxi skirt combo. That way at least I can wear the pieces separately later and no one will ever notice. I think the skirt if just gorgeous, could be totally dressed up or down and the gold sheen of the cardigan is something that you'll keep coming back to all the way through next fall. I'd been avoiding nude-ish tones for so long because I was told (ahem, mom) that it washes me out. But I think with the right makeup and accessories, it can actually look uber flattering. I keep dreaming...

(photo: courtesy of Twitter)

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