Monday, March 28, 2011

The Perfect Maxi from....

So I've been on a tireless search for the perfect maxi skirt. And I mean tireless. Every time I see someone in a maxi I stop them and ask them where it's from, I try on every one I find, and scour all my fave sites looking for ones that would work for me. Minding my own business on Twitter and this editor posted a pic of her in her new American Apparel maxi. Say what? American Apparel, and yes, it's true. Loving the unexpected color (perf for Spring) and digging even more that I can satiate the trend without paying the hefty price (I won't even tell you how much) of the one I've been lusting after on Net-a-Porter. I'm thinking I love the skirt, but may opt for a camel color, what do you all think?

(Photo: courtesy of Jenny Feldman)

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