Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Perfect LLJ (Little Leather Jacket)

So I still don't have a leather jacket. I know it's almost Spring so what does it matter, but I'm still thinking about it. I came a bit closer this year with my awesome Theory jacket with leather sleeves but every time I see a fashionista pairing a super femme dress with a leather jacket, I go green with envy. I'd died for this studded leather jacket nearly a year ago now, but knew that I couldn't pull off all those studs. It would be a bit too much for me. But then I got talking to the designer last week and she told me maybe just maybe there would be a dark grey, stud-less version in my future (aka the fall collection). I'm already dreaming and saving (this constitutes an investment pieces) and cannot wait to plan all my outfits accordingly. Updated in a softer color and with no studs is so much more me that I'm glad I actually waited for something that made more sense for my look and my style. With with this jacket in my closet, fall can't come soon enough!

(photo: courtesy of Simone Collection)

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