Monday, March 21, 2011

Modernizing the Military Jacket

Without question, my Charley 5.0 military jacket, bought about a year ago at Intermix has been my closet MVP. I wore it through summer over tanks and white jeans on cooler nights and piled it over knits of varying lengths as I made my way through winter. But as much as I love it (and still get compliments, thank you), I am getting kind of sick of seeing myself in it. The colors are fading in all sorts of weird ways and I am just itching for something new. That was of course until I saw this cutesy DIY blog post earlier today. I can't swap out the buttons (they're actually snaps), so I like the idea of doing some glitz-ifying to the lapels or pocket flaps. I could pin on some antique broaches or pendants, or even glue gun on some colorful stones to give it just the faintest update. It'll be totally my own and will make me feel like I'm wearing something new. Crafting suggestions welcome!

(photo: courtesy of Sincerely Jules)

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