Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vintage Goes Online

I'm pretty predictable when it comes to the list of my fave shopping sites that I visit. I've even figured out which days they get their new products on so I know how to maximize my visit (sick, I know). A new one just came onto my radar called ReFINE style. It's a cool, new one-stop-shop for vintage and I'm hoping it takes all the anxiety and guesswork I have for shopping vintage. We all have those friends who have the most amazing vintage "finds" and I have yet to add even one to my closet. Plus, Nicole Chavez who is kind of like an under-the-radar Rachel Zoe, has lent her style expertise to show you what to shop for and give you tips along the way. We all want that (we just don't all pay her styling fees). So sign on to get her advice and shop a really cool collection of collectibles that are sure to set you apart.

(photo: Courtesy of ReFINE Style)

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  1. That is our Chanel necklace/belt in the pic, thanks for the pic posting!
    -Clothes Heaven