Monday, March 7, 2011

Idea: How to do a button-down

I happen to love me a button-down. I have about 20 all in different plaids and prints and solids. I went through a Polo phase in college (I was preppy chic), then Steven Alan, and have no settled in somewhere between J. Crew and silk Equipment versions. But sometimes as many as accessories as I pile on, I realize they're still the same old button downs. How to make them new so I find them a bit more exciting every time I go to pull them on (which let's be honest, is close to every morning). This cool collar embroidery caught my eye. Even if just a tailor does some cool stitching, outlining the collar in cool colors or ironing on an embroidery or applique, it'd add a bit of something special. Loving the unique and fresh take on the basic button-down.

(photo: courtesy of Marko MacPherson)

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