Friday, March 11, 2011

My Spring/Summer Saving Grace

The weather here in L.A. is a bit in between these days. I feel pretty dumb in my winter black biker boots and it's not exactly sandal weather yet. All the dark colors that I'd been rocking all fall long don't really seem weather appropriate anymore. So what's a girl to do? These booties seem like the perfect answer. Not only are they affordable (yay) but they come in these light versatile colors that you can wear with anything and that I'm guessing only get better with age. Think of how perfect they'll look with pretty Spring dresses and some of the seasons most delicate florals! They seem light enough to do the trick well into summer and my ballet flats are already gearing up for a welcome reprieve.

(photo: courtesy of Madewell)


  1. how do you wear those with dresses?? socks? tights?

  2. I'd say cute ankle socks if you're up for it, or bare legs for Spring/summer...If you want to go with tights, go for a cool charcoal pair, or one with ribs!