Monday, March 7, 2011

USA's Character Approved

I watch an obscene amount of Law & Order. You really can find an episode on certain channels at any time during the day. One of those channels that I've become familiar with is USA. And they have those cutesy "Character Approved" commercials that parody all of the wacko characters in all the shows they air. The latest one they've added is none other than MAJOR designer Prabal Gurung. He may be out of reach but he's a total inspiration and this is an original look at this crazy cool guy who's supposed to be a major character, too.

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  1. Prabal gurung is such an inspiration, even though i am not from Nepal i have lived there for 2 years and its very hard for people in there to get to the top and even harder to do what you enjoy doing like prabal. But he has set an example for people all around the world and shown us impossible made possible.
    Well done!!