Monday, March 14, 2011

Runway to Realway @ Marie Claire

More and more mags and websites these days are featuring posts about what they're editors are wearing. Most of the times these are the most stylish of them all, so I literally devour any pictures I can get my eyes on. Marie Claire just started and I'm digging the way this editor took a Chanel-ish jacket and made it totally young. Instead of black trousers, she's wearing bad-ass leather leggings. Instead of all buttoned up and classic jewelry like pearls, she's wearing black pumps and a loose tee underneath the jacket. I love how she makes what could be old totally young with just a few small tweaks which make the outfit completely her. Inspiration abounds for repurposing old finds with fun and edgy new staples. 

 (photo: courtesy of Marie Claire)

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