Friday, March 11, 2011

The Perfect Beach Bag

So as promised, I'm ready to drop some knowledge. Heading south of the border didn't uncover that many sartorial treats, but after stalking a fellow hotel-goer at the pool, I found the source of the cutest cover-ups and resort apparel ever. I already raved about Roberta Freymann when I purchased her amazing coral print pillows for my living room couch (and btw, they're still going strong and STILL bring a smile to my face). I had a feeling the girl by the pool was in a Freymann print and turns out I was right! The colors are just so rich, nothing is too clingy (huge pet peeve), and they look like they were made for days under the Mexican sun. I'm particularly into this bag for days on the beach this summer. While everyone else will be wearing some version of a straw tote (prob from J. Crew), this will stand out from the crowd and bring some cute color to your look.

(photo: courtesy of Roberta Roller Rabbit)

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