Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Line I Love: Jennifer Chun

Poking around twitter (I know, kinda lame but very informative) and I stumbled across this editor's Tumblr, and subsequently found a cool new line of clothes. I am always looking for new brands considering I feel like I wear the same ones (J. Crew, ahem) all the time. This one from designer Jennifer Chun includes what she calls "casually polished women's ready-to-wear" which seems perfectly suited for my days of work and nights of events. She's based out of New York, happens to be very stylish herself (I think that says a lot), and seems to have designed things I could def see myself wearing. I like that all the designs arent too flimsy but look like they're for someone who's confident and sophisticated. They look made for the streets of New york, but I'm thinking I'll test drive them in SoCal instead.

(photo: courtesy of Tumblr)

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