Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Dress, Two Sizes, Endless Possibilities

I know I have many, but The Coveteur really is a new obsession. It let's the voyeur in me peep into other people's closets (and I'm talking To Die For closets) and look at everything they've got (including jewelry!). Anyway I saw this pic while I was perusing and I was instantly confused. But it's the same dress, you say to yourself puzzled. So I got to the bottom of it when I was lucky enough to meet the actual closet owner late last week. I thought my eyes were deceiving me but really, she explained, the two dresses serve two quite separate purposes. She had gotten two sizes when she didn't have time at H&M to try them on. But when she got home, she realized that the dresses both fit in two very different ways. One had this loose, sexy appeal, and one was more fitted, a bit more proper and feminine. They required different belts, different accessories, the whole nine yards. It was not the explanation I expected but I loved it. Not that I am telling you to buy what you love in two separate sizes, but if you happen to, know it's not a totally bad thing.

(photo: courtesy of The Coveteur)

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