Sunday, March 13, 2011

Renew, Reuse, Recycle

Many months ago, I was reading one of my new fave beauty blogs, Into the Gloss, and I got an amazing idea. One of their interviewees didn't want to just throw away the pretty candle container once the candle had burnt to the end. So instead she cleaned it out and used it as a makeup brush holder and displayed it proudly in her bathroom. I do get strangely attached to my candles and had this beautiful Manolo Blahnik candle (I know, but it was from an event, I swear), and it was just too pretty to toss. I googled the methods for cleaning out the last of the wax and voila, I had what I think is another beautiful and decorative piece for my dresser. It was a DIY that I could actually do and I love that I got to reap the rewards instantly.

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  1. Can you please share the method of cleaning? :)