Thursday, October 13, 2011

That East Coast Style

This was so me in college. Well, except for the crop top. But this is literally the reason I decided to go back east to school...kind of. Everyone on campus looked like they'd stepped out of a Ralph Lauren ad. And it didn't much change once I actually got to school there. The equestrian motif was strong, though my years were kind of more Polo than actual Ralph Lauren (more popped collars than riding boots). It was all corduroy and tortoise shell and button downs and great scarves. It was so collegiate chic. The New York Times had a great piece about college fashion today--which as I've said is a great place to look for outfit inspiration--and I got all nostalgic for my favorite outfits of my better years. Let's just pretend this is exactly what I wrote--and looked like--back then.

(photo: courtesy The New York Times)

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