Sunday, October 16, 2011

SPOTTED: Aviator Chic

This look, straight off the runway at Bill Blass, is so chic. I love how I've been doing a single breasted look for so long and this isn't just double-breasted but it goes for broke with these amazing gold buttons. To dress things up, it pairs a striped turtleneck underneath and some aviators to complete the look. I think I probably would have worn a lot of these separately if left to my own devices. But, I think if you're going to do it well, why not wear it all together. I love how this outfit looks. It's totally nautical but it takes it to the streets and gives it street cred. I absolutely love it and it's a look that's been popular for decades. What does that mean? It's set to be timeless. A wise investment.

(photo: courtesy of From Me to You)

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