Monday, October 10, 2011

The New Must-Have Boot?

Remember back in high school when those Steve Madden pointy toe boots with the platform were all the rage? Well I graduated from those (thank god) and moved onto a more graduated round toe version. I wore several incarnations of flat boots throughout the past ten or so years, all in various shades, most of them flats, and all of them with some form of round toe. And frankly, they were all addictively comfortable. But now after all these years, some designers are adding a bit of a stacked heel, which I admit I don't mind. A little height gives me a bit of a nice feeling (makes me feel slimmer somehow) and I love that now some pointy heels are back. I don't know if I'm game after this long but I like that there are now more options. Even velvet is being thrown back in. Instead of the basic black leather boot we've got midnight blue velvet boots with a pointy heel. Now, talk about going against the grain...

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

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