Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coveting a Cool Collar

I could not covet this editor's style more. She always looks endlessly chic. But I think what I love here is that she so flawlessly executes the cool collar trend that I seem to be seeing everywhere. Instead of the whole unbuttoned look, everyone is wearing their collars all buttoned up and with some cool embellishments instead. I love when the collar is a different color than the actual shirt, whether it's in the soft, rounded Peter Pan shape or pointed and exaggerated like it is here. You can take an old mens shirt and embellish it with studs or even gluegun up a storm with ribbon, trim, or metal details. It's a super easy DIY that could help you Do the trend pretty easily. Plus, it kind of negates the need for jewelry which makes getting dressed that much easier. That is something I can certainly get behind.

(photo: courtesy of Citizen Couture)

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