Sunday, October 23, 2011

SPOTTED: Navajo Prints

So last year when I was busy contemplating whether or not to get a scarf (yes, I know, sometimes I can literally be that indecisive), my stylish friend informed me that Navajo prints were going to be all the rage. And over a year later, she was right and the trend is going strong. From printed bags to scarves to sweaters with the print, you can find subtle or colorful versions and odes to the Southwest that can be done in a way while still staying true to yourself. I like this little collage that was put together by Barneys that shows a few choice pieces that play on the trend. I think the bags are great talking points around which you can build an entire outfit. It's like, yes, please. I think if you're going to start playing with a trend like this, go for add-ons like a scarf, a sweater or even a bag. That way in a season you can swap it out and have enjoyed it without having committed too much to it. But for now, just enjoy.

(photo: courtesy of Barneys)

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