Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Falling into Home Decor

Looking at my apartment and there's nothing really "Fall" about it. I've got coral colored pillows, a turquoise paisley print chair and ghost chairs that might as well scream Summer. I live for bright accents these days but while I've been busy amassing bold pieces that pop, I've realized I may be out of season. This home decor image while maybe a bit un-fashiony gives me a good reminder of the Fall color palette. Instead of of those cool colors, I'm option for something more crisp. No more pale yellows and neon pinks, I want more muted tones, mustards and blushes, maybe even a rusty rose. I love the notion of fur or swapping out a light linen throw for a more substantial "fur" one come Winter. That may have to be TBD, but you catch my drift. Great way to think about your wardrobe too, the home is just the beginning.

(photos: courtesy of honestlywtf)

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